How to Use Google Maps

By Diane Dilov-Schultheis

Google Maps is a free service you can utilize to see detailed maps of various regions, find area businesses, get directions to and from anywhere. It tool you can employ to locate and view satellite images from all over the world. Any one who is old enough to understand map “basics” can use Google Maps. You can quickly find out information you need or you can spend hours exploring locations you never thought you would ever get a chance to see.

Step 1

Open your browser to Google Maps. Use the direct link in Resources to go to the home page. This is the main page where you can access the many features offered. It opens with a map of America or the world, depending on your location.

Step 2

Find directions with Google Maps. Click on the link “Get Directions” to obtain more options and to acquire instructions to locations. This link is located on the upper left area of the page.

Step 3

Make maps of places. The link “My Maps” can be employed to create new maps and to view previous made ones. It is positioned to the right of the “Get Directions” one. There are many features available for your maps.

Step 4

Search for places or businesses. There is a search box on the top of the page that you can use to look for addresses or places of interest. Simply type the information in the box and then click on “Search Maps”.

Step 5

Change the map view. There are several display views that are located above the map area. Click the display view to change the way the map is shown. Make use of them to obtain terrain or satellite images, street level pictures, traffic information and more. Not all areas will have the same options available.

Step 6

Create links to your Google maps or print them. You can use the links provided directly above the map area to print your map, send an email with a link to it or make a direct link that you can place in IM or websites.

Step 7

Move around and explore your Google map. Draw on the navigation controls located in the upper left side of the map to move in various directions. You are able to click on the arrows shown to move in that direction or you could use the arrow keys on your keyboard. There are zoom in (+) and zoom out (-) features you can use also.

Step 8

Search help if you need assistance. Use the “Help” link provided at the top right of the page to learn about any of the features or options pertaining to Google Maps.

Tips & Warnings

  • It will depend on the location you are viewing as to what features will be available on Google Maps.
  • The left side of the Google Maps page will have various useful links to select from and other helpful information.

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