How to Use Outlook Web Access From Home

By Tim Searles

Microsoft Outlook Web Access is a great way to check your Outlook email when you're not at the office. Having Web Access available gives you portability, which is important in today's marketplace. Offices that use Microsoft Outlook as their main communication tool should also have Web Access available for those who may be working from home. This guide will show you how to use Outlook Web Access so that you can stay in touch with the office.

Step 1

Enable Javascript and cookies on your Web browser. Go to your browser "Options," usually under "Tools" in the top menu bar and verify both Javascript is enabled and that cookies are enabled. Microsoft Outlook Web Access will not work if these are not enabled. Click on "Advanced" in the "Options" menu, if you can't find where to enable them in your general option settings.

Step 2

Type in Web address for your Outlook Web Access. Ask your IT department for assistance if you do not know what the Web address is for your Outlook Web Access.

Step 3

Set security options. Security options are found near the top of the initial "Web Access" screen. There are two options to select: "This Is a Private Computer" or "This Is a Public or Shared Computer." Select "This Is a Private Computer" when you are working from home. Select "This Is a Public or Shared Computer" if you are at a public venue, such as a library or cafe. If you need further explanation of each option, click "Show Explanation," which is the link next to the "Security" label.

Step 4

Enter your domain, username, and password. These fields are found on the initial "Web Access" screen toward the bottom. Ask your IT department for assistance if you have not been provided these credentials. When you first start at a company you, usually get this information in order to log into your work computer. Use the same information for Outlook Web Access that you use to log in to Microsoft Outlook when at work.

Step 5

Click the "Log On" button to access your email. It is lunder the password field. If you enter the wrong information, you will see the following error message: "You do not have the permissions required to access this Web site. Please contact the Web site administrator."

Step 6

Click "New" in the upper left part of the message panel to create a new message. Other options than "Message" include "Appointment," "Contact" and "Task." Change the drop-down menu to the appropriate item and click "New" to carry out that item.

Step 7

Click "Log Off" in the side panel to end your session. Close your browser tab or window to verify the session has ended.

Tips & Warnings

  • You don't need VPN credentials to use Outlook Web Access from home. You need them to use Microsoft Outlook from home.If you need to change your password, on the first page there's a box with the label, "I want to change my password after logging on." Check this box to change your password.
  • Usually the domain, username, and password are case sensitive. If you are having problems logging in, make sure the caps lock is not on and that you're spelling it correctly.