How to Use Satellite Finder

By Ben David

A satellite finder or satellite meter can be an extremely helpful tool to find a strong satellite signal. The device can give immediate signal results without the lag time for digital-to-analog conversion when you are attempting to tune your receivers. Satellite finders may vary in type and function; such as analog or digital types as well as power supply configuration. Satellite finders are very simple devices to use.

Things You'll Need

  • RG6 cable
  • Satellite finder

Step 1

Connect your satellite meter to your satellite dish with the RG6 cable. There will be a barrel connector underneath the satellite arm.

Step 2

Adjust the satellite dish by turning it from side to side and moving it up and down. You need to loosen the nuts in the back and sides of the satellite dish in order to move it.

Step 3

Watch the gauge on the satellite finder meter. As the satellite signal becomes stronger, the needle will move to the right.

Step 4

Continue to monitor the satellite finder and adjusting the satellite dish until you find a strong signal.