How to Use the Bluetooth Feature on My Laptop

By Michelle Varsallona

Bluetooth technology is not just for wireless cell phone headsets. Bluetooth can be used to transfer data between two devices, to print and fax and you can even use it to connect to the internet. Bluetooth on a laptop has many different features. You can pair items like your cell phone or headphones to your laptop, then use the "Bluetooth Settings" to make changes to the drivers and customize what you want your laptop's Bluetooth to recognize and use.

Step 1

Select the "Start" menu at the bottom of the screen. In Vista it appears as the Windows symbol.

Step 2

Click "Control Panel."

Step 3

Click "Hardware and Sound" in Vista. For XP, switch to "Classic View" to view more options.

Step 4

Click "Add a Wireless Device under "Bluetooth Devices" for a list of Bluetooth enabled devices in range of your computer that are ready to be paired with the computer. For example: this would be a cell phone or head phones that are set in pairing mode. In XP, click "Bluetooth Devices" while in "Classic View" and click "Add" at the bottom of the window to pair a device.

Step 5

Go back to the "Hardware and Sound" window in Vista. You do not need to exit the current window for XP.

Step 6

Select "Bluetooth Settings" under "Bluetooth Devices" in Vista. This opens the "Bluetooth Radio Properties" with different tabs you can utilize to setup and change the Bluetooth settings. If you have XP, you are already viewing the Bluetooth settings window.

Step 7

Click the "Options" tab to allow your computer to find Bluetooth devices.

Step 8

Click "COM Ports" to add and remove COM (serial) ports that are needed for Bluetooth devices. Typically, there will be nothing listed here. If your Bluetooth needs a port, read the manual that came with the device.

Step 9

Click the "Hardware" tab to view the Bluetooth devices within the laptop. You can also make changes to the drivers for the laptop's Bluetooth from here by selecting the "Properties" button within the tab.

Step 10

Click the "Share" tab to set up Bluetooth file transferring settings. You can change the "exchange" folder here as well. This is Vista only. XP does not have this option.

Step 11

Select the "PIM Interface" tab. This will allow you to set up the Bluetooth options for personal information managers (PIM). It controls accepting Emails, notes, electronic business cards and calendar items. This is Vista only. XP does not have this option.

Step 12

Select the "Audio" tab to connect to a Bluetooth device and use it for audio playback and recording. This is Vista only. XP does not have this option.

Step 13

Click the "Dial-up" tab to connect to a Bluetooth phone or modem device for networking. This is Vista only. XP does not have this option.

Step 14

Click "OK" to save any changes you made.