How to Use the Internet to Find a Cell Phone GPS Location

By Palmer Owyoung

Today we use our cell phones for making phone calls, keeping grocery lists, managing our finances and keeping our contacts. If you've ever lost your phone, you know how difficult it is to replace this information. Thankfully, most smart phones have a GPS (global positioning system) chip included. You'll need to enable it, but once you have, you can use the Internet to find your cell phone's location.

Things You'll Need

  • Mobile Spy Software
  • Computer and Internet
  • Smart phone

Step 1

Find GPS-tracking software for your phone. Even with the GPS chip, you will need software to translate the data and put it on the Internet for you. There are several choices available depending on what your needs are. Some of these include,, Executrac and

Step 2

Install and configure the software. Once you've chosen a program, open an Internet browser on your phone and download the software directly to it. From there, configure the software according to the instructions on the website.

Step 3

Go to the Internet and get the GPS location. After you have installed and configured the software, the cell phone will begin transmitting a signal that GPS satellites will pick up on. Go to the website that you've registered with and log in. You will see the location of the phone that you are tracking on a map; the location is accurate to within 15 feet. Depending on the program you've purchased, you may also get information such as altitude, speed, idle time and movement history.

Step 4

Add your friends and track their movements. With Mologogo, you can ask your friends to sign up to the service and add them to your buddies list. So when you are close to one another, you will be able to see this on a map and the system will alert you. This way you can track your friend's location and he can track yours.