How to Use Utorrent With an HTTP Proxy

By J. Anthony Cooley

While you are online surfing the net, your computer is sending out information that can be tracked to identify who you are and what you are doing, such as downloading files. If privacy is a concern for you while downloading, you can protect yourself by downloading files under a proxy in your Utorrent client. Setting a proxy will allow you to stay anonymous online by keeping your computer invisible to others. This will increase your online security when downloading files from Utorrent without slowing down your computer's downloading speed.

Things You'll Need

  • Utorrent software

Step 1

Open the Utorrent program.

Step 2

Click "Options," which is located at the top of the screen between the "File" and "Help" options.

Step 3

Click "Preferences" on the drop down menu. This will prompt another menu to appear.

Step 4

Click "Connections" on the left side of the menu.

Step 5

Explore the menu. To the right there are two separate fields, "Listening Port" and "Proxy Server." Skip the "Listening Port" field and move on to the "Proxy Server" section.

Step 6

Locate and write down the "Port" number. The port number is located third from the left at the top right of the "Proxy Server" field.

Step 7

Go to the reference site below and find a proxy that has the same port number that you wrote down in step 6 . The port numbers are located next to the proxy numbers after the colon. HTTP proxys are located to the left of the page and both "Socks4" and "Socks5" proxys are mixed together in the same field on the right side of the page. Take note of what kind of proxy you have selected, "Socks4," "Socks5," "HTTP," or "HTTPS." As of right now, this site does not have any HTTPS proxys though this could change day by day. Click and hold down the mouse button and move the mouse over the proxy to highlight it. Right click on the proxy, and a little menu will appear. Select "Copy" from that menu.

Step 8

Go back to Utorrent and repeat steps 2, 3, and 4.

Step 9

Skip the "Listening Port" field and move onto the "Proxy Server" section.

Step 10

Click the downward pointing arrow in the box the next to the word "Type." Select what kind of proxy you are using, "Socks4," "Socks5," "HTTP," or "HTTPS," from the drop down menu.

Step 11

Right click inside the proxy box and select "Paste" from the menu that appears. This will insert your proxy.

Step 12

Click the "Apply" button then click "OK."

Step 13

Close Utorrent for the changes to take effect, then reopen Utorrent.