How to Use Weather on an iPhone

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

When you need to get the weather conditions, check them on your iPhone. You can get current weather for you location or check other cities that you travel to most often. See the extended forecast anytime when you use your iPhone for weather reports.

Step 1

Look at the main menu screen of your iPhone. Tap the sun icon. The weather screen will come up and you will see the forecast for right now for your location. powers the weather with the latest updates on right on your phone.

Step 2

Scroll down on this same screen to see the extended forecast for the next six days. This feature provides the temperature lows and highs for the day and type of weather, such as sunny or rain.

Step 3

Use your iPhone to check the weather for another city by clicking the "Y" for Yahoo weather at the bottom of your screen. This brings up your keypad. Now type the city name that you want to check and push "Enter."

Step 4

Select the correct city from the list that populates. If there is more than one city by that name, your iPhone will display all results, then you choose the correct city from the list.

Step 5

Save locations that you need to check often. Select "weather" on your screen then chose "i" at the bottom of the screen. Push "+" and then enter the city name you want to add and push "done."

Step 6

Choose the city you want to see weather for by scrolling through your saved cities. Use the add feature to save more cities be repeating Step 5 above.