How to Use Word Document Templates

By Ann Johnson

Each Word document is in essence a template. The template determines the document's basic structure, such as the page layout, styles and formatting. Word offers customized document templates, which allow the user to jump immediately into creating a document such as a fax or memo, which has already been partially created by Word.

Step 1

Click on the File menu, then click "New."

Step 2

Click "General Templates," which will be under New from Template in the menu that opened from Step 1.

Step 3

Look at the tabs that are displayed on the new menu. There are many choices, such as fax, memos and reports. Click on the desired tab, then click the desired template to open the document template. Then click "OK."

Step 4

Fill in the document by placing the cursor on the "click here" sections.

Step 5

Save your file by going to "File," then "Save As."

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