How to Verify Email Addresses

By Kara Page

When doing business online, it's important to be sure you're getting correct information from clients and colleagues. It's easy to lie on the Internet, and it's easy to make a mistake that could result in miscommunication. It takes only a few minutes to verify that someone has given you a correct email address.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with Internet connection

Step 1

Open your browser and navigate to

Step 2

Under "Verify Email Address," type in the email address you want to check, then click "Verify."

Step 3

The result will appear under the email address. If the email address is valid, you will see "Result: Ok." If it is not, you will see "Result: Bad."

Tips & Warnings

  • Be sure you have the correct spelling, including special characters, and that you include the domain when typing in the email address. Only valid domains (aka: gmail, hotmail) are accepted.

References & Resources