How to View PDF Files on an IPhone

By Melissa King

The Apple iPhone is used for more than just making phone calls. It is also used for playing games, browsing the Internet and reading e-books. Many e-books are sold in PDF format, and in order to view them properly on the iPhone, an additional application is needed. “Aji Reader” is a document reader available for download at the Apple store. As of September 2010, this application is free. Once downloaded and set up, PDF documents can be transferred to your iPhone for reading.

Step 1

Go to and click on “iTunes,” then scroll down and click on “Browse App Store.” Click “Productivity,” then “A” and “2.” Select “Aji Reader PDF.”

Step 2

Open iTunes on your computer, if you already have it, by clicking “I have iTunes.” Download iTunes if you do not yet have it. When iTunes is open, download Aji Reader PDF to your iPhone.

Step 3

Download the Aji Reader Service to the computer (see "Resources"), so PDF files may be transferred between the computer and iPhone.

Step 4

Start the Aji Reader Service when the download completes. Click the “Add” button to add folders containing the PDF files you wish to view on the iPhone. Click “OK.”

Step 5

Turn on the iPhone and start the Aji Reader PDF application. Click the “Fetch” tab, then “Fetch from Aji Server.” Select the PDF file folders you would like to view on the iPhone, and the transfer process begins. Tap “Close” when the transfer finishes, or “Browse” if you want to transfer more files.

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