How to Watch a Computer on TV Wirelessly

By Amanda Dyar

Viewing your personal computer on your television can be done with a wireless PC-to-TV converter device. To start the process, just hook the sender unit to your computer and the transmitter unit to your television.

Things You'll Need

  • Wireless PC-to-TV converter

Step 1

Purchase a Wireless PC-to-TV converter device from your local electronics store. Connect the sender unit to the Video Graphics Array (VGA) and audio ports of your computer with the cable that is supplied.

Step 2

Connect the composite outputs of the receiver unit to your television with the supplied cable. Place the receiver unit away from power cables and other transmitters to prevent interference. Adjust the television between the four channels to pick up the transmission from the sender unit.

Step 3

Plug in the sender and receiver units to an electrical outlet, or use the supplied battery packs. Turn on your computer and bring up the video or programs you wish to transmit to your television. Turn on the television set to check the transmission. Use "Menu Controls" on the television to adjust the video settings, such as brightness.

Tips & Warnings

  • PC-to-TV converters have a typical operating range of 125 to 150 feet.