How to Watch a Pal DVD on a Computer

By Curt Lanning

Your French buddy has a new home movie of his wife and kids he wants you to watch, so you put the DVD into your computer to watch it. Your drive spins and spins and eventually comes to a stop with an error displayed. Windows Media Player can't play the disc because it is in the PAL format your computer uses the NTSC format and now you're lost as every program you try to download won't work. Well relax, read the article and when you're done you'll be watching your PAL DVD.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with DVD drive
  • DVD Decrypter software
  • VLC player software

Step 1

Navigate to the "Resources" section of this article and download the software known as "DVD Decrypter." Once it has downloaded, double click the software and install it.

Step 2

Identify your region that the DVD came from (there is a link to a website in the Resources that has a world map with all the DVD regions on it) and select it as this is the first prompt that will come up the first time you run DVD Decrypter. Let the software identify your DVD drive (in doing so it will also identify the contents of your PAL or NTSC DVD automatically).

Step 3

Select the destination you would like the DVD to be ripped to by clicking on the folder with a magnifying glass icon under the word "Destination." After you have selected your destination, click the icon at the bottom that looks like a DVD with an arrow pointing at a hard drive. It will then rip your PAL DVD to your hard drive.

Step 4

Download and install VLC media player from the link in the "Resources" section below. When the DVD is finished ripping, navigate to where you ripped the PAL DVD and double click on the folder (it will be named whatever the DVD is called). Inside that folder; double click on "Video_TS" and inside that are several files that were made when your PAL DVD ripped. All the .VOB files contain the movie broken up into pieces. The larger the movie was, the more .VOB files there will be.

Step 5

Right click the first .VOB file and click "Play with VLC Media player." VLC is able to play all of the .VOB files right off of the hard drive without downloading any additional software. The .VOB files will be listed in chronological order so all you have to do is right click and play them all with VLC media player.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can highlight all the .VOB files with the right mouse button and click "Add to VLC media player's playlist" to play them all in order instead of playing each one individually.