How to Watch Cable Online for Free

By Techwalla Contributor

Are you tired of paying a cable bill every month? This article will tell you how you can watch your favorite shows online for FREE! These days most people already have the internet and watching your shows online will help free up one monthly payment. No longer will you have to worry about rushing home to watch your favorite tv shows because you will be able to watch them for free the very next day online. The cable networks post the previous day's programs on their websites for viewing just one day after the show airs on television. It beats paying that high cable bill that your are barely home to watch anyway. Keep reading to learn more on how to watch cable online.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet Connection

Step 1

Cut off your cable and switch internet providers if you currently have internet provided by your cable company. You can now have internet without having to have cable or a phone line. AT&T is one company that will allow you to have access to the internet without an actual phone line, since a lot of families use cell phones these days and do not have land lines anymore.

Step 2

Watch your favorite shows on the cable network website and watch episodes online. You can watch the full episode in front of your computer. If you have a laptop this makes it a lot more enjoyable to sit back in the chair or on the couch and watch them on your laptop screen. Let's say you love HEROES or The Office, all you have to do is go to and find the show, then click on watch full episode. Remember the episode won't be posted until the next day after it's aired.

Step 3

You can even hook up the laptop to your TV so you can watch through the big screen. All you need is a S-Video cable and speakers to hook up from the TV to your laptop.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can find most TV shows online.
  • You can even find movies to watch online for free!
  • You will cut down on commercials time and be surprised with how much things you can get done without constantly sitting in front of the TV.
  • Your show will not available for viewing until the day after it airs on television.