How to Watch the NFL Network Over the Internet

By Jeremy Dunn

The National Football League, or NFL, is perhaps the most viewed spectator sport in the United States. The popularity of the league continues to increase. Therefore, the NFL created the NFL Network in 2003. The NFL Network provides fans with up to the minute news and analysis by accomplished sportscasters, as well as former coaches and players. It hosts NFL news and reviews shows, classic NFL games, scoreboards, as well as extensive NFL draft coverage. The NFL Network also provides coverage of college football. Most television providers, both satellite television and cable television, allow the option to include the NFL Network in one of their packages. Furthermore, you can watch the NFL Network over the internet.

Watching the NFL Network over the Internet

Step 1

Visit the official website for the NFL Network, which is listed on the NFL's official website, Find the video clips or set of video clips you would like to view listed on the webpage and click on them. The videos included are clips of shows such as NFL Total Access, America's Game, NFL Playbook, as well as seasonal shows such as Path to the NFL Draft. They provide clips of games featured on the NFL Network as well. You can also find interviews from coaches and players.

Step 2

Subscribe to Verizon Broadband service. In 2006, the NFL Network and Verizon reached a deal to allow Verizon customers access to online broadcasts of the games featured on the NFL Network, as well as other NFL Network programs. Online viewers can watch the games from several different camera angles provided by the NFL Network. Visit the Verizon website to sign up for the service and find additional information regarding packages. Fans must be subscribers of Verizon Broadband, Verizon FIOS Services, or have DirecTV Satellite service and broadband Internet service from Verizon.

Step 3

Visit the Yahoo videos website where you can also watch NFL Network streaming online videos on Yahoo. Like the NFL Network's website, Yahoo video provides clips of playoff games, as well as regular season games.

Tips & Warnings

  • In order to watch NFL Network videos effectively, you should have DSL or broadband service. Mobile Broadband service many not allow enough gigabites for streaming videos. With dial up, it may take several minutes, possibly hours to download a video.
  • Verizon Broadband is not available for all residents of the United States. Visit the Verizon website to find out if you reside in an area in which they can provide service.
  • is another common website where you can view video clips of shows, interviews, and games featured on the NFL Network.