How to Watch Your Surveillance Cameras on Your Phone

By Marshal M. Rosenthal

A surveillance camera can be viewed remotely on your smart phone through the Internet. Connect an Internet-capable surveillance camera to your wireless home network so that the video can be broadcast to your phone. You will use the same procedures for connecting a home device, for example, a TV or Blu-ray player, to your wireless home network. No special computer or smart phone program is required.

Things You'll Need

  • Wireless home network
  • Internet-capable surveillance camera
  • USB cable, 6 feet
  • Surveillance camera installation disc
  • Tripod
  • Wood screws
  • Phillips screwdriver

Step 1

Place the Internet-capable surveillance camera next to the computer. Plug an end of a USB cable into the USB output connection on the camera. Plug the other end of the USB cable into an open USB port on the computer.

Step 2

Eject the computer's disc tray and place the camera's installation disc on the tray. Close the tray. Follow the menu commands on the pop-up window that appears to configure the camera for your wireless home network -- this involves entering your network's password and technical specifications (i.e., speed of the network and name of the network).

Step 3

Quit the program once done. Right-click the icon of the camera that is at the bottom right of the screen. Select "Eject" from the pop-up menu. Disconnect the USB cable free the camera and from the computer.

Step 4

Place the Internet-capable surveillance camera on a tripod or mount it to the wall with wood screws using a Phillips screwdriver. Orient the camera so that the lens faces the direction of the area that is to be covered, for example, a front door or a window leading to an unenclosed backyard patio.

Step 5

Plug the camera's power cord into a wall outlet for power. Extend the external Wi-Fi antenna, if there is one, so that it points in the general direction of the Wi-Fi router that is sending/receiving the wireless signals.

Step 6

Select the web browser icon on your smart phone's screen. Enter the "IP" (Internet protocol) address that your camera has been configured with -- this information is provided in the instruction manual that comes with the camera as well as typically being written on the camera's serial plate panel. Enter the password for your wireless home network to bring up a video image on the web browser screen that is being streamed through the Internet.