How to Wire a Satellite TV For Six Televisions

By Kristan Hart

Satellite TV installation can include as many televisions in your house as you desire. You do, however, need special equipment to receive the satellite signal on all six television sets. There are two main types of satellite receivers: one type has one channel and the other type has two channels. With a one-channel satellite receiver, all six television sets would watch the same channel. On a two-channel satellite receiver, one TV would receive the main signal and the other TVs would share the second channel.

Things You'll Need

  • 2150 MHz RG6 cables

Connect Two Channel Receiver

Step 1

Look underneath the arm located outside on your satellite dish and you’ll notice two barrels you can connect to. Connect one RG6 cable to each barrel.

Step 2

Connect the other end of each cable to your two channel satellite receiver. Plug one cable into the “SAT1” input and the other cable into the “SAT2” input.

Step 3

Run a third RG6 cable from the “TV 3/4 OUT” connector on the back of your satellite receiver to your “TV IN” connector on the back of your primary television set.

Step 4

Plug another RG6 cable into the “CH 21-69 OUT” output on the back of your satellite receiver and run the other end of that cable to a splitter. A splitter essentially splits the television signal so you can send one signal multiple different directions.

Step 5

Attach an RG6 cable on as many splitter outputs that you need to wire the rest of your televisions with satellite television. The other end of each wire will plug into the appropriate “TV IN” connector on the back of the designated television set.

Connect One Channel Receiver

Step 1

Run a cable from the satellite dish connector underneath the satellite arm into your house so it connects to the back of your satellite receiver. Connect the cable to your “SAT IN” input.

Step 2

Connect a second RG6 cable to your satellite receiver in the “SAT OUT” connector. Run the other end of that cable to a splitter with at least six outputs so you can connect six satellite TVs.

Step 3

Attach cables to the splitter output connectors, and run those cables to the appropriate television sets, where the cable will plug into the “TV IN” input.