How to Work a Multi-Phone Line

By Faizah Imani

Through the process of time, the huge switchboards that used to take up so much space in the office have been compacted down to smaller sized multi-phone line systems. Although there are many different systems available, there are a few operational basics, such as holding, conferences and transfers, that remain constant across the board.

Step 1

Place a call on hold by pressing the "Hold" button. For many multi-line phone systems you will see a flashing light to indicate the line that is on hold. To retrieve the call that is on hold, press the button for the line that has the holding caller on it.

Step 2

Conference numerous parties on the same line by pressing the "Conference" button while you are on the line with party number one. You will hear a dial tone. Dial the telephone number for party number two. Press the "Conference" button again to conference the two parties onto the same line. Unless party number two is already aware of the reason for the conference call, you should enlighten him before hitting the conference button to bring the first party on the line. After conferencing the two parties, you can press the conference button again if you still need to bring more callers onto the conference call. Press the "Release" button to release yourself from the conference call.

Step 3

Transfer a caller to another line by pressing the "Transfer" button. Dial the number or extension of the party you are transferring the call to. Press the transfer button again to transfer and release the telephone call. With a "Cold Transfer" you simply transfer the caller without giving the second party a heads up. With a "Warm Transfer" you can enlighten the second party about the call you are about to transfer to her.

Step 4

Activate the speakerphone by pressing the "Speaker" button. Press and hold the speakerphone button again to deactivate the speakerphone. If you need to mute the call while you are using the speakerphone feature, press the "Mute" button. To deactivate the mute feature, simply press the mute button a second time.

Step 5

Read your instruction manual for other phone line features, due to the fact that other features will vary by manufacturer.