I Dropped My Cellphone & the Screen Is Blank

By Robert Schrader

The damage that occurs when you drop a cellphone varies greatly. It depends on factors such as the make and model of the cellphone, from how high it fell and whether the device has previously incurred damage. No matter your circumstance, troubleshoot a blank screen on a dropped cellphone before you begin the process of repairing or replacing it.

Step 1

Inspect the screen to see whether the device is powered on. If the screen is dark, it's likely the phone has lost power. If the screen is gray or blue, on the other hand, the device may be powered on but the screen's rendering power has been diminished.

Step 2

Power the cellphone off and let it rest for five to 10 minutes if the screen is on and blank. Both hardware and software malfunctions cause blank screens. When you power off your phone and power it back on, it may solve many software problems, which can result from dropped phones.

Step 3

Hold down the phone's "Power" button and attempt to turn on the device. If you didn't deliberately turn it off as a means of troubleshooting, the phone's battery may have popped off during the fall, inadvertently powering the device off.

Step 4

Plug the phone in to attempt charging it if it doesn't power on when you press the "Power" button. If the phone's battery was near death at the time it was dropped, it may have coincidentally died in the time that has passed since the cellphone's fall.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't attempt partial or total disassembly of your phone unless you're trained in how to do it properly. Take the phone to a repair specialist if troubleshooting attempts fail.