Instructions for a Kindle

With modern technology advancing each day to allow us to experience things in a more convenient ways, it is no surprise that Amazon has won over technology lovers and skeptics with its latest line of Kindle and Kindle DX ebook readers. The Kindle line of ebook readers allow you to bring more then a thousand books with you wherever you go.

Basic Navigation and Use

To turn on your Kindle, slide the power switch on the top left corner of the device. You will see the Home screen, which lists all of your current Kindle books, newspaper and blog subscriptions.

Use the five-way toggle button on the bottom right of the device to scroll through your items until you have selected the book you would like to read. Press the five-way toggle button to open your book and begin reading. You will automatically be directed to the first page of the book or the last page read. The Next Page buttons on either side of the device will turn to the next page. The Previous Page button will bring you back one page.

Holding and sliding the power switch will turn off the Kindle. If left on, the Kindle will automatically go into a standby mode, displaying a preprogramed picture in place of the text.

Font Size and Text-to-Speech

If you havedifficulty reading because the font is too small, change the font size by pressing the “Aa” button next to the space bar on the right side of the keypad. This will display the available font sizes, which you can change by using the five-way toggle button.

The “Aa” button will also allow you to turn on the Text-to-Speech feature of the Kindle, which will read to you starting where your cursor is on the current page. Amazon notes on its website “You can switch back and forth between reading and listening, and your spot is automatically saved. Pages automatically turn while the content is being read, so you can listen hands-free. You can choose from male and female voices, which can be sped up or slowed to suit your preference.” Turn off the Text-to-Speech feature by clicking the Menu button and selecting Stop Text-to-Speech.

To see the definition of a word, put the cursor in front of the word to display the definition on the bottom of your screen, courtesy of the built-in dictionary.

Highlighting Text and Making Notes

Kindle allows you to make notations while reading without disrupting the text. Simply scroll to the area you would like to make note of and begin typing on the keyboard. Once you have finished your note, select and click the “save note” button. Highlight lines by moving your cursor to the first word and clicking the five-way toggle to the right, slanting your cursor. Click over each word or line you would like to highlight. Once you have selected the passage, click the five-way toggle to underline the text.

View all of your notes and highlighted text from the “My Clippings,” which is listed with your books on the Home screen.

Additional instructions can be found in your Kindle User Guide, listed on your Home screen.