Instructions for a Motorola Bluetooth

By Ann Mapleridge

Motorola makes a variety of Bluetooth products that can be used with mobile phones and other devices. While the devices may vary, all Motorola Bluetooth accessories connect the same way. Hooking up a computer or cell phone should take you only a few minutes.

Turn It On

Power up your Motorola Bluetooth device. For most headsets that means pressing and holding down the button on the back of the device until you hear two beeps. For speakerphones and other devices, look for the power button.

Pair It Up

Place your Bluetooth device next to the computer or cell phone with which it is being paired. Go into the menu for your cell phone or computer and make sure Bluetooth is powered on. Once Bluetooth is on, select the menu option on your cell phone or computer that says "Search for new devices" in order to find your new Motorola Bluetooth accessory. Once found, enter the "Pairing Code" for your accessory to connect it. The pairing code is typically found on a sticker directly attached to the headset or speakerphone.

Keep It in Standby

Keep your Bluetooth device is standby mode whenever you think you might want to use it. Your Bluetooth device will need to be powered on when a call comes in order for you to use it. Most of Motorola's Bluetooth devices automatically go into standby mode when you power them on.

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