Instructions for an RCA Universal TV Remote

Universal remote controls came along in the 1990s and revolutionized the way people controlled their private entertainment centers. Universal remotes like the RCA Universal TV Remote have eased the way in which people have enjoyed their favorite media at home, and have allowed them to eliminated cluttered desks with multiple remotes for several components. The RCA Universal television remote can be programmed easily with the components in your entertainment center and the codes found in your programming guide.

Remote control
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To begin programming your remote, first manually turn on the device(s) that you would like to program to your RCA Universal TV Remote control. The device can be a television, DVD player, stereo, AUX outlet or VCR. These devices must be turned on to begin the programming and must be working and able to respond to a remote control signal.

Decide which component you would like to program first and find the three-digit code or codes for that component, depending on its manufacturer and type of media. The code for the device can be found in the programming manual for your RCA remote or can be found in the RCA programming link site found below. If there are two codes, be sure to copy down both in case the first code does not work.

Begin Programming

To begin the programming sequence, press and hold down the "Code Search" button on your RCA remote. During the programming sequence, be sure that your remote is pointed at your device the whole time and that the remote is responding. You can tell if the remote is working if the red indicator light on the front of the remote is flashing with each button you push.

With the "Code Search" button held down, press the button on your RCA remote for the device that you would like to program. The button will be labeled with the name of the device (for example, "TV" or "DVD"). After pressing and releasing the device button, the indicator light will blink. Once the light blinks, use your keypad to enter the three-digit code for the component being programmed. After you enter the three-digit code, release the "Code Search" button.

Finish Programming

After you release the device button and the Code Search button, sync the remote to your device by repeatedly pressing the "On/Off" button. Press this button on your remote at one-second intervals, on and off, until the device responds by turning off. You might have to press the button several dozen times before the device responds.

When the device responds and turns off, press and release the "Enter" button on your RCA remote and turn your device on. Press any button on your remote to control the device. If the device responds with the correct action, your component has been programmed, and you can program the next device.