Instructions for How to Set Up an AT&T Answering Machine

By Michaele Curtis

AT&T offers home phone service in conjunction with its more popular wireless phone service. In addition to offering the actual phone service, AT&T also sells telephone accessories, including answering machines. The answering machine is usually built into the cordless phone base and allows you to save messages from missed callers for a later review. The initial setup of the machine requires that you record an outgoing message for your callers to hear when the answering machine picks up.

Step 1

Press the "Menu" key on the telephone base. Select "Answering System," then select the mailbox you'd like to set up.

Step 2

Select "Announcement," click "Annc audio," and then click "Record."

Step 3

Record the outgoing message at the prompt, speaking directly toward the microphone in the base of the telephone. Press the "Stop" button when you are done.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't confuse AT&T voice mail with an AT&T answering machine. The two are separate services. Your answering machine is a physical piece of equipment that records messages from callers, but the voice mail system is a digital recording system that saves messages on a server.
  • AT&T offers several different answering machine options and the setup instructions can vary slightly, depending on model of the equipment. Consult your user manuals for model-specific information, or contact AT&T Customer Service if you have trouble reading the manual. (See Resources.)