Instructions for Using a Kyocera Cell Phone

By Megan Mattingly-Arthur

Kyocera cell phones offer reliable communication with many models offering smartphone features like full QWERTY keyboards for convenient text messaging. Learning to use a new Kyocera cell phone is simple. Because there are many models of Kyocera phone, instructions might differ slightly between models. Consult the Kyocera website for advice on how to use your particular model of Kyocera cell phone.

Resetting Your Kyocera Phone

If the screen on your Kyocera phone is frozen and the keypad does not respond when you attempt to dial a phone number, you may need to reset your Kyocera phone. To reset the phone, take off the back battery cover and remove the battery. Wait for two minutes before replacing the battery and the battery cover. Your phone should be reset and should now respond to commands.

Programming Your Kyocera Phone

To program your Kyocera phone before use, begin by turning on the phone by pressing and holding the "Power" button. Use the external number keyboard, rather than the internal QWERTY keyboard, to program your Kyocera cell phone. Dial "##847446#" to access the programming menu. Select Activate Phone > OK. Your phone will display the prompt "Do you want to activate your phone now?" Choose Yes > Start > OK. Write down your new cell phone number when displayed. Select Finish > OK.

Adding Contacts to Your Kyocera Phone

To add a new contact to the contact list on your Kyocera phone, enter the contact's telephone number while on the main screen. Select Save > Save as New Contact. Use the QWERTY keypad to enter a name for the new contact. Use the QWERTY keyboard to enter additional phone numbers, addresses or other contact information for the contact. When you are finished entering information, press "Save." Assign a speed-dial number to contact by selecting Menu > Contacts > View All > Options > Speed Dial.

Assigning Ringtones on Your Kyocera Phone

To assign a downloaded ringtone to a contact on your Kyocera cell phone, select Menu > My Stuff > Ringtones. Scroll down until the appropriate ringtone is highlighted, select and then choose "Set As..." and select the appropriate contact.

Checking Your Voice Mail Messages

To retrieve voice mail messages on your Kyocera cell phone, select "Call" to initiate a call to your voice mailbox. Follow the audio prompts to retrieve your voice messages. If you see the "New Messages" alert, but do not wish to check your voice mail messages, you can select "Ignore" to retrieve your messages at a later time.