Is There a Way to Charge Your Phone Faster?

By Mandy Slake

If you need your phone right away and the battery is dead, you may wonder how to charge the phone's battery in the least possible time. Fast chargers are available for older phones using nickle metal hydride batteries, but modern phones use lithium ion batteries, which are not compatible. Most phones take several hours to charge, but you can shorten the time by selecting a more powerful charging source and disabling certain functions on the phone.

Step 1

Plug the phone into a wall outlet instead of charging it from a USB port. A wall outlet provides more power than a USB connection.

Step 2

Turn off the screen and any functions that drain the battery such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Step 3

Enable the Flight Mode setting if you are using a Smartphone. Flight mode shuts off the wireless functions but still allows you to use the device as a PDA. Some devices call it Airplane Mode instead.

Step 4

Turn the phone off for the fastest charging times. When the phone is off, all of the power is going towards recharging the battery instead of being siphoned off to run the phone.