Is There Anyway to Receive Money Through PayPal Without Fees?

PayPal is an Internet site that allows you to send or receive money online. While PayPal charges a fee for most transactions, transfers can be performed in a way that avoids them when receiving funds.

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Receiving Money

When receiving money from friends or family, fees may be avoided by having the funds transferred from their Paypal balance or bank account, using the PayPal website.

Sending Money

There is no fee when sending money to family and friends through the PayPal website when using your own PayPal balance or bank account.

Withdraw Money

If you're withdrawing money from a PayPal account, there is no charge to have it deposited into a linked bank account. The fee is $1.50 to receive a check.

New Account

To open an account with PayPal, you will need to provide Paypal with your name, email address, home address, and phone number. There is no charge to open an account.


There are no fees to transfer money from your own bank account to your PayPal account.