Kyocera Phone Tricks

A Kyocera cell phone manages calls, takes pictures, shoots videos, records voice memos and plays music. When you receive the Kyocera and set it up for everyday use, you might have questions about some of its secret functions.

Video/Image Settings

If you are shooting a video or taking a picture with the Kyocera and the lighting conditions are dim, adjust the brightness settings. Push the “Start” button to get to the main menu and select “Camera” from the program list. Push the soft key below “Settings,” select “Brightness” and use the navigation keys to raise the brightness.

Voice Tags

You can record voice memos for later playback using the voice tag application on your Kyocera. Push the “Start” button, select “Tools” and then “Voice Tag.” When you are ready, push the “Rec” button to record and speak into the internal microphone.

Ring Tone Edits

You can save music files and edit them to use as a ring tone. Play a music file. While the song is playing, push “Start” at the beginning of a segment you wish to save as a ring tone. When you reach the end of the segment, push “Finish.” Push the soft key below “Assign” to save it as your ring tone.