Learn Quickbooks Online for Free

QuickBooks, popular small-business accounting software from Intuit, offers a variety of tools for business owners. New or prospective users can learn how to use the product online from the vendor as well as educational websites at no charge. Even experienced users can benefit by learning additional capabilities within the software.

Trial package

Evaluate the program before investing by going to the QuickBooks homepage and searching for “Trial Version.” Many trial products are downloadable. Sign up for a trial version of QuickBooks Online (it's a free trial, although a credit card is required). On the Simple Start homepage, select “Help.” On the Help page, confirm product information in Step 1. Choose the Type of Question in step 2. Scroll down to “Learn &Network” in Step 3. Click on Try a Sample Company to access an operational setup of the program, complete with date for learning purposes.

Intuit support

Check the support programs at Intuit for help in several formats. Choose “Instant Answers” to search the online solutions database. “Ask Qubie” provides a connection to an “Online Automated Chat agent,” which is available 24/7. “Have Us Contact You” provides an email composer to send in a question or problem to QuickBooks representatives. Note the estimated wait time posted to decide if the response will be received in time to be of use. The previously mentioned “Learn & Network” option provides a way to network with other users for mutual assistance.

Other tutorials

Several websites, including Intuit, provide free QuickBooks tutorials ranging from general information to highly specific functions (See Resources). Try several to find the format most comfortable for you. Computer Technical Tutorials in particular lists many free tutorials.