Legitimate Ways to Make Money at Home

There are many legitimate ways of making money at home, but you have to be able to know which work at home opportunities are scams and which are not in order to be successful. You can distinguish a real opportunity from a scam, by avoiding get-rick-quick schemes and not paying anyone for any work at home opportunities.

Finding a Work at Home Job

One of the most common ways to make money at home is by obtaining a legitimate work at home job. A lot of people think that most, if not all, work at home jobs are scams. In fact, if you research well enough you will find that there are a plethora of companies that hire people to work out of the comfort of their home office. It can be tricky to search online for work at home jobs, because you have to know how to weed out the fake ones from the real ones.

The best way to do this is to join a work from home message board. One popular website is workplacelikehome.com. This site offers you leads for real work at home jobs including customer service, transcription, freelance writing, and many more. You can also discuss all aspects of working at home, including the companies that are hiring, and companies you should avoid.

Taking Online Surveys

While this is not going to be a huge money-maker, it is still another way to make some extra cash at home just by answering simple survey questions if you join enough survey sites. Typically companies go by certain demographic areas when offering a survey. You may get to complete one survey, while you may not qualify for another. The money you can make from a survey can vary, from as little as 10 cents to $10.

There are several types of survey sites that include getting paid for reviewing ads for companies; testing products, giving your feedback about them, and in turn getting paid for your opinion. A few popular sites are SurveyHead.com, YouData.com and PineconeResearch.com.

Selling Your Items Online

If you have items in your home you no longer need, or even if you are just interested in general in selling things, consider a "virtual garage sale" like eBay or a classifieds website such Craigslist.com. Or, if you are creative enough and know how to hand-make items, consider opening an online store. A popular website to do this at is Etsy.com. Etsy is similar to eBay, however Etsy is dedicated to handmade items only. Also remember that if someone is not local to you that is buying your item, you will have to factor in shipping either by having the buyer pay for shipping or incorporating the cost of shipping into price of the item itself.

Selling items online may require a fee, such as a posting fee for your ad, but it is still a legitimate way of making money from your home. Make sure to inquire about all fees associated with selling online, so you still make a profit in the end.