My iPhone Is Very Slow

By Kay Ireland

Your iPhone lets you search the Web, receive email, chat with friends, play games and utilize applications that make your life easier. Just like with a computer, when your iPhone's memory becomes overloaded or you have too many programs running at the same time, you're bound to experience slower performance. Free up memory space for faster processing and better performance by cleaning up your home screen and deleting unused material.

Step 1

Download the latest updates from the Apple website. These updates often contain performance patches which help to speed up your phone and increase functionality. Connect your iPhone to your computer via the supplied USB cord and follow the online directions to update your phone software for faster operation.

Step 2

Close any applications if you aren't using them. When you open an application on the iPhone, you can switch between other applications, but each one stays open, which can result in sluggish performance. To view and close applications, press the "Home" button twice, then hold your finger over any application icon. When small "x's" appear over the running applications across the bottom of your screen, tap to close them.

Step 3

Delete unused applications and media. Every picture, video, game or application you download takes up memory and reduces your iPhone's processing speed. Delete programs by touching and holding any icon on your screen, then tapping the "x" over an app to delete it from your phone. Delete photos from your Camera Roll by tapping a picture and selecting the trashcan icon.

Step 4

Clear your Internet history to free up additional memory space. Open Safari and tap the book icon at the bottom of the screen, then tap "History" at the top of the screen. Touch "Clear" to remove your browsing history; your bookmarks remain intact.

Step 5

Restart your iPhone, which can often resolve isolated processing issues. Press the button on the top right-hand side of the phone and move the on-screen slider to the right to confirm shut-down. Wait a few minutes and power up your iPhone again to restore functionality.