My Laptop Battery Dies Fast: What Does That Mean?

Anybody who travels or uses a laptop in another situation without a power source knows the importance of having a long battery life. Laptop batteries often die unexpectedly quickly, causing inconvenience to users who had been hoping to get more work done.

A strong laptop battery is necessary for working outdoors.

Rated Battery Life

It is perfectly normal for laptop batteries to die faster than their rated life on the laptop specifications. This is because the test to determine a battery's ratings is done with the computer monitor at about 20 to 30 percent of its brightness, Wi-Fi turned off, and only 7.5 percent of the processing capacity in use, according to Newsweek. Laptop batteries die quickly when the computer is used to its full capacity.


The power gauge built into a laptop may, over time, misread the remaining charge in a battery. The computer may shut down automatically because the sensor says the battery only has 2 percent of its charge when in reality it still has 30 percent. Recalibrate the gauge by running the computer until the battery completely dies and then charging it fully.

Old Battery

Older batteries die much more quickly than their new counterparts. Laptop batteries typically work for about 1.5 to 2 years, after which point they may only be able to hold enough charge to power the laptop for 30 minutes.


Batteries are sensitive to heat, and hot batteries lose their power much more quickly than room-temperature batteries. Laptops that are stored in hot locations, produce a lot of heat or have broken fans will have shorter battery life.