My Laptop Cannot Connect to a Network

By Noah Kain

When using a computer on a wireless network, you will occasionally stumble upon an issue with your connection. The problem could relate to the network's signal strength, the network password or the router sending out the network signal. Using your computer's network connections tool to troubleshoot will help you fix the problem. By following a few easy steps, you can properly reconnect your laptop to a network.

Step 1

Open your "Control Panel." In the lower-left corner of your desktop, click on "Start." In the new window, click on "Control Panel."

Step 2

Select "Network and Internet Connections." In the new window that opens, click on "Network Connections."

Step 3

Click on "Wireless Internet Connection." Choose "View Available Wireless Networks."

Step 4

Choose the wireless network you want to join from the list that appears. Make sure you are connecting to the correct network. Also, make sure the network you are joining has a strong signal strength. If the signal is low, you may need to move closer to the router sending out the signal or choose a different network.

Step 5

Enter a password if needed. If the network is not secure, you will not need to enter a password. If it is secured, you a window will appear asking for the network password.

Step 6

Reset the router if needed. If you have properly chosen your network and entered the correct password but your laptop still won't connect to the network, you need to reset the network's router. The router is the device that sends out the wireless signal. To reset the device, turn off the router for one minute, then turn it back on. Wait a few seconds for the wireless connection to reestablish, and then follow the steps above to try connecting again.