My Laptop Won't Start

By Flora Richards-Gustafson

A nightmare of those who conduct most of their business on a computer is having a laptop that does not start. It can be frustrating because the only symptom you have is that nothing on the computer works. Try a couple of trouble-shooting techniques before calling in a computer tech to help to see if you can find a simple solution.

My Laptop Won't Turn On

Step 1

Disconnect accessories plugged into the computer, such as the printer or mouse, and try restarting it.

Step 2

Plug your laptop in to an electric outlet. Your battery may need recharging.

Step 3

Check to see if the power cord is receiving energy. The power cords for laptops have AC adapters that light-up when plugged in to an outlet. If your laptop's battery is dead and the power cord is not functioning, you may have to purchase a new power cord. Apple recommends even making sure the electric outlet works by plugging a lamp into it.

Step 4

Check to see if the bottom of the laptop feels hot. If it does, the laptop may have turned off on its own because it overheated. Give the laptop time to cool down and try restarting it once cooled. If the laptop does start, do not run it for long because it might overheat and crash. Turn your laptop off as soon as possible and look into getting new fans for the inside of the laptop or an external fan that allows unrestricted airflow.

Step 5

Get a new power supply. If you have tried charging the laptop's battery and buying a new power cord, but the laptop remains dead, the Indiana University suggests purchasing and installing a new power supply.

My Laptop Won't Boot Properly

Step 1

Start the computer in "Safe Mode" or use the "Recovery Console" if your laptop is able to get past the initial start-up phase when you turn it on, but does not get much further than that. Doing this will allow you to get to your main screen, but you will have limited access to certain drivers and start-up programs.

Step 2

Run "ScanDisk" and other diagnostic tools to see if your can computer find what the problem is and repair it on its own, as the Indiana University's website recommends.

Step 3

Run a virus scan to see if there are any intrusions causing the problem.