My Skype Is Stuck on Signing In

By Robert Schrader

If your Skype is stuck on signing in and doesn't let you access your account, troubleshoot your software so you can continue sending chats and making video calls. Skype is free to use between members, but you can't contact other Skype members until you successfully sign in to your account. Several potential issues could prevent you from signing in to Skype.

Incorrect Credentials

One potential reason you aren't able to get past the sign in screen is that you simply haven't entered the right credentials. When this happens, Skype displays an error message beneath the "Skype Name" or "Password" fields indicating which is incorrect. To get past the sign in screen, enter the correct username or password. If you can't remember the correct information, click "Problems Signing In" and follow the prompts.

Internet Connection Error

Another reason you might not be able to sign in is a slow or non-working Internet connection. Although Skype is a Web-based program, accessing the application interface doesn't require you to be connected to the Web. As a result, it's possible to begin the sign in process without an active or working Internet connection. To test your connection, open a Web browser and attempt to load a site such as "Yahoo!" or "Google." If it doesn't load at all, your Internet connection is down. If it's slow to load, the connection may be too slow for Skype.

Already Logged In

When you click the "Skype" icon on your desktop or in the Windows "Start" menu, Skype loads a new sign-in window on the screen, even if you have an instance of Skype already running. If you try to sign in to Skype and can't get past the initial screen, check the Windows taskbar for another "Skype" window. If you see one, select and maximize it -- you may already have signed in.

Computer Problems

If you can't get the past the Skype sign in screen, but can't trace the problem to log in credentials, lack of Internet connection or already being signed in, the problem may originate with your computer. The Skype application, just like any other software, requires a certain portion of your computer's memory resources to function. If your computer is generally slow to respond, it may lack the memory Skype needs to complete the sign on process. As a minimum, Skype requires 256 megabytes (MB) of RAM and a 1 gigahertz (GHz) processor.