My Speakers Won't Work on My Laptop

By Matt Boyd

Functioning sound on your laptop is important. Without sound, many software programs become useless. Peripherals like speakers are usually located externally on a desktop computer and internally on a laptop. The laptop casing partially shields internal components like memory modules and the motherboard from damage. Software problems and inadvertent user error most often cause malfunctions in laptop speakers, not physical damage. Before throwing in the towel and taking your computer to the repair shop, troubleshoot speaker problems yourself by following the proper procedures.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows 7 administrative user account
  • Windows Media Player or comparable software
  • Audio file

Step 1

Increase the volume using any buttons or dials you may have on your laptop keyboard or case. Click the "Start" button located on the lower left part of the screen. Click on "Control Panel" from the pop-up menu. Click the "Hardware and Sound" icon from the Control Panel menu.

Step 2

Click "Sound" in the Hardware and Sound menu. Skip to step 3 if there is a green check mark next to the speaker icon. Select "Speakers" by clicking on the speaker icon if there is not a green check mark next to it. Click the "Properties" button at the bottom. Change the device usage properties to "Use this device (enable)" on the "Speakers Properties" pop-up. Close the pop-up box.

Step 3

Click "Adjust system volume" on the Hardware and Sound menu. Move the volume sliders to maximum by clicking and dragging them with your mouse. Un-mute any muted devices or applications by clicking the small speaker icon at the bottom of the slider bars. Close all open windows.

Step 4

Open your audio playback program of choice. Load any audio file. Ensure that any volume sliders or volume options within the program are not muted or turned down too low. Play the audio file to verify if the changes you made were successful.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your speakers are enabled and un-muted but you still do not hear audio, your speakers may be physically damaged inside the laptop and should be repaired or replaced.
  • Quickly access basic volume controls by clicking the small speaker icon on the bottom right of your desktop.