My Toshiba Battery Won't Charge

By Kallie Johnson

Toshiba is a company that manufactures electronic products, including desktop computers, laptops and their accessories. Laptop computers are powered by a laptop battery when they are not plugged into an electric outlet. If the battery won't charge, the computer can not be powered without the AC adapter and an electric outlet, reducing the user's ability to use the laptop anywhere. The most common reason a laptop battery won't charge is the battery is dead. Prior to replacing the battery, however, troubleshooting should be performed.

Things You'll Need

  • Alcohol wipe

Step 1

Turn off the laptop. Remove the power cord.

Step 2

Remove the laptop battery. Toshiba laptop batteries are located on the bottom of the laptop. Slide the battery locking mechanism to the side. While holding that to the side with one hand, pivot the battery upward for removal. Once removed, the locking mechanism can be released.

Step 3

Inspect the battery and battery contacts. Look for any signs of damage to the battery, such as dents, dings and corrosion. If damage is noticed, the battery should be replaced.

Step 4

Clean the battery contacts to remove dust. Use an alcohol wipe to lightly wipe down the contacts on the battery and the battery housing. If needed, remove other dust and debris from the battery and battery housing unit with the alcohol wipe.

Step 5

Place the battery back into the laptop. It will snap into position.

Step 6

Plug the AC adapter into the laptop. On the front of the laptop, there are lights. One of the lights has a picture of a battery above it. If this light is lit, it indicates the battery is charging. If the light is not lit, the battery is not charging.

Step 7

Remove the AC adapter from the laptop if the battery is not charging. If the battery still has power, allow the battery to power the laptop until the battery dies. If the battery does not have power, the laptop will shut off as soon as the AC adapter is removed.

Step 8

Re-insert the AC adapter once the battery is dead. Turn the computer on. If the computer turns on, continue to the next step. If the computer does not turn on, the AC adapter is likely dead and needs to be replaced.

Step 9

Plug the AC adapter into the laptop. Turn the power off. Allow the laptop to fully charge the battery for 12 hours. Turn the laptop on. Remove the AC adapter. If the laptop remains on, the battery charged. If the laptop shuts off, the battery needs to be replaced.