Problems & Delays With Netflix Loading

Netflix is an online service that allows you to rent DVDs through the mail and stream TV shows and movies through the Internet. You can watch Netflix through PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox or your computer. Regardless of which way you choose to watch Netflix, you may run into problems when loading movies and TV shows over the Internet.



You may have issues with Netflix loading if you have the incorrect login information or your account is not up-to-date. Make sure your user name and password are correct. You can reset this information using your secured question and email verification if you forget your password or screen name. Make sure your bill is paid for the month. Payments automatically come off of your credit card, but if you get a new card or it expires and you do not change this information, you will have a problem loading Netflix.


Check your router connection. Netflix is streamed through the Internet to a computer or video game console, so you may have issues if your router service is interrupted. Unplug your router and modem for 15 seconds and plug them back in. Restart Netflix to see if the problem is resolved.


You cannot load any videos any time Netflix updates its website or services. The entire website shuts down and you cannot stream any videos. These are scheduled maintenance periods that often occur in the wee hours of the morning when most people are asleep. Once the update is complete, you will be alerted and be able to stream Netflix again.


You may run into problems with Netflix loading if you are running multiple programs over the Internet. This includes online games, other websites and chat programs. Close the programs and try to run just Netflix to see if the programs load or delay often. It may be the type of Internet account you have or the limits on your account. If you plan on running many programs at once, you may need to update your Internet account.