Problems With the Recording Device on Skype

By Andrew Rothmund

One of the most common error messages in Skype is "problem with the recording device," or "error #6102.: This can be a software issue, hardware issue or both.


Your microphone or headset might not be plugged in. Also, check if it is turned on or receiving power; most devices have a small light or button. The port on your computer may be faulty, so try another port or another device to determine if it's broken.

Skype Settings

In the Skype program, the audio settings can be set incorrectly. Also, the "Recording Device" can be set to something other than your microphone or headset. Use the Skype echo test to ensure that your microphone is recording properly. Volume settings may also be set too low -- switch the setting to "adjust automatically."

Windows Settings

Your headset or microphone may not be installed properly in Windows' sound settings. You may have to unplug it and plug it in again, or click on "install new hardware." Windows' volume and mute settings may also be set too low or improperly.