Reset Procedure for Sharp Aquos TV

By Gregory M. Dew

Sharp Aquos televisions use the latest technology for enhanced audio/visual performance. Attempts to maximize the performance through the settings may lead to some complex adjustments requiring a reset. From the display menu, restoring the factory preset values can be done for the antenna setup, input settings and the position of the picture on the screen.

Antenna Setup

Signals from a digital broadcast antenna need to be directed toward the strongest signal source. Should a strong signal be difficult to find, the settings will need to be reset.

Input Settings

All audio/video components must be recognized by the television. Should one component be skipped during initial set up, be removed or added, a reset to factory settings may be needed.

Picture Position

The position of a picture on the Aquos screen can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. Each input component will also store its own position on the screen. Resetting to original factory adjustments will return all picture movements automatically.

Unaffected Settings

Resetting factory settings will not affect the channel setup, language choice or any parental control codes. The location setting, which affects energy usage, will also not be changed by choosing the reset option.