Signs of Cell Tapping

By Miranda Hollomon

Cell phones have become an integral part of communication in 2010. From talking on the phone to texting and Internet connections, cell phones are always present and almost always in use. If someone is wanting to listen in on a work meeting, private conversations or to get any other form of information, including software information on a cell phone, he could use another person's cell phone to spy on an individual or a company. Cell tapping allows a person to tap into your phone's software and have minor control over the functions of your phone.

Battery Temperature

A possible sign your cell phone is tapped is if your battery is still hot after not using it for a while. If the battery is still warm, your phone could still be in use by someone who has tapped into your phone, possibly downloading information to or from your phone. Having a warm battery may also be from overuse, so this theory is only applicable if your phone has been powered down for a while.

Low Battery Life

Another sign that your phone could still be in use even when you aren't using it is low battery life. Needing to charge your battery more often could be a sign that your cell phone has been tapped because it uses more battery life than you would normally use. A tapped cell phone may be in use almost constantly by whomever has tapped into your phone's software to record conversations by you or those around you.

Shut Down Delay

If your phone will not shut off or the backlight remains on, this could be a sign your cell phone has been tapped, but it could also be a glitch in the phone's software. You may need to contact your cell phone company to rule out any glitches. When someone has tapped a cell phone, she will have partial control over the phone, including the ability to listen in on conversations, download software programs to and from your cell phone and keep your cell phone turned on and active. Removing your phone's battery will cut off all power to your phone immediately.

Background Noise

Hearing static, echoes or a clicking sound while on a phone call could be a sign that your cell phone is tapped. However, it may also be a bad connection as well. Usually disconnecting a call and redialing will fix the problem if that is the problem.

Strange Activity

Strange activity such as your cell phone powering up and down on its own or finding downloaded programs you were unaware of could be a possible sign of cell tapping. Anytime you may not be in control of your phone, you should look into the problem with your cell phone company to make sure your phone is functioning properly and not possibly tapped by another party.