Software for Writing a Book

Writers no longer need to rely on sorting through scattered notes and scanning pages of writing on the computer to find the stream of their story. Software for writing a book is available that will do everything from organize plots to build characters and suggest revisions. Scaled down versions of book-writing software can prepare a document for the publisher as well as provide brainstorming ideas, keep track of a writer's hours and check grammar in a manuscript.

Software for Writing a Book


The more assistance authors can receive in the basic fundamentals of writing a book, the faster the project can be completed. Organizational tools and templates can help writers get through some of the cumbersome tasks involved in putting together the first and final drafts of a book and help the author prepare the book for submission to a publisher in record time. Like a jazzed up spellchecker, book-writing software works with the writer to tackle some of the more basic housekeeping tasks involved in the process of writing a book. While book-writing software cannot yet create the final masterpiece, it can shave time off the process, allowing the author to concentrate on the creative side of the work.


Typically, the more expensive the software, the more features it will offer. Programs such as Dramatica are expensive, but they can conceptualize and track plot development and help with character interaction. Fiction Master is another high-end application that gives authors a tutorial on how to build the plot from beginning to end. Other types of book-writing software, such as the inexpensive WordDog, are advanced spellcheckers that can eliminate time wasted in checking grammar and word usage.


In addition to the various guidance systems and work checkers offered in book-writing software applications, organizational tools such as chapter merging and keyword locators are useful tools that save authors time and frustration searching for files and phrases. Editorial teams also take advantage of many of the features provided by book-writing software programs to look for obvious signs of stray plots or incorrect word usage.


Plot tracking software can save time by alerting the author when writing is taking the plot in a new direction that is not cohesive with the work in progress. Writing can be spiced up and made more exciting with various programs that allow the writer to export paragraphs into templates that review the words and suggest replacements. A good software program for writing books can be useful to experienced, published writers by helping them maintain their edge as well as to rookie authors by helping them impress a publisher.


While many software providers claim their products are easy to learn and use, most take a certain amount of time in both the initial learning curve and the day-to-day operation. Writers need to consider how much of the technology they are willing to bring into their writing style and if it will affect the creative style of writing that the writer has developed.