Speech to Text in Microsoft Word 2007

When you use speech to text in Microsoft Word 2007, the program converts your words into typed text. Speech recognition comes standard on Windows Vista and newer systems.

Use a microphone and speech to text instead of typing in Word.


Speech to text is designed to allow you to use word processing software without typing. This can work as an accommodation if you are disabled, or it may prevent repetitive stress injuries from too much keyboarding.


In order to use speech to text in Microsoft Word 2007, you need to have both the Word program and the speech program operating. The default Windows program, Speech Recognition, can be set up to operate in the background; to get it started, say “Start listening.” You can use commands like “delete that,” “go to __” and “new paragraph” within Microsoft Word.


With more use, your speech to text accuracy will improve. This is because the software will learn your speech patterns as you correct its efforts, and you will learn shortcut phrases and how to clearly state what you want.

Learn More

You can run through the speech recognition tutorial in order to practice your speech to text before using it in Microsoft Word. Even more helpful, you can use the Windows Speech Reference Card to show you spoken shortcuts.