The Best 70 Mile HDTV Antenna

HDTV antennas are primarily used with HDTV capable televisions and provide continuous high definition streaming. A standard Digital Antenna will provide you with good quality and uninterrupted transmission throughout the day. However, if your nearest broadcasting tower is about 60 miles away, you must install a 70-mile HDTV antenna. Most people look for antennas that are conspicuous, can be easily installed and provide the best reception.

HDTV antennas offer you the best high definition streaming.

Phillips SDV4400 HDTV Outdoor Antenna

The Phillips SDV4400 HDTV outdoor antenna is an omni-directional amplified antenna that can provide you more than 69 channels at premium high definition quality. It has been specifically designed for both urban and suburban use. With a price of $88.45, this particular device is popular among the average user because it can boost broadcast signals about six times above the normal strength. This ensures high picture quality regardless of how weak the signal might be. This product also features a conspicuous design as well as an easy-to-install wall mount kit allowing you to easily afix it to the top of your roof or chimney.

Terrestrial Digital Long Range Directional HDTV Antenna XG91

This particular device is an outdoor long-range HDTV antenna designed to be extremely resistant to severely bad weather. Equipped with technology that lets it receive both digital as well as UHF signals, this antenna will provide more than 69 channels. Made from aluminum and with a range of more than 70 miles, this device works well for people who live a long way from their nearest broadcasting tower. In-built signal boosters also help with problems such as weak signals and minor blockades. However, make sure that you place the antenna at an elevated position so that it is exposed completely toward the direction of the broadcasting tower. The XG91 is mounted on a tilted platform to provide maximum coverage. It's priced around $99.99.

DIGIWAVE Digital UHF Outdoor HDTV Antenna

This device has a sleek and compact design and can provide a continuously clear picture. With a range of up to 70 miles, it doesn't matter where you live because this device can catch signals from any nearby broadcasting tower. It is equipped with built-in boosters as well as weather resistant outer coating material that enables it to provide clear picture quality, even with low signal inputs as well as in bad weather. A mounting that is strong enough to keep the antenna firmly in place at all times ensures this device can withstand strong winds. It is priced around $64.69.