The Best Software for Virus Removal

With more viruses and nefarious programming applications than ever before it is important to secure your PC with the most up-to-date software. Depending on budget and level of protection, buyers have a number of choices to keep their computer safe from a malicious attack. The programs listed are the top three security suites on the market as well as the top “freeware” antivirus application. All are the best at virus removal and virus protection and offer several other features for superior security.

Best Virus Removal

Norton Antivirus 2010

Norton Antivirus 2010 features the latest in antivirus protection and removal. Email protection, network protection, identity protection all come standard in this security suite.

The newest version also uses less system resources than versions past. It features “intelligence driven scans” that use more or less resources depending on the PC’s current usage. This frees up your computer to run more programs simultaneously without slowdown. It also has an easy to read interface that allows its users to monitor every aspect of the program. And for up to date security it features a “pulse” update system that updates the virus definitions every fifteen minutes. Currently, this program is available online for $69.99.

Trend Micro Internet Security Pro

Trend Micro Suite is one of highest rated security suites on the market. It features all of the standard security applications including virus removal and protection, pop-up blockers, automatic scanning and automatic updates. It also features the ability to remotely protect sensitive files in the event that your computer is lost or stolen.

To speed up PC performance Trend Micro Suite has a “smart pausing” feature that stops all virus protection while you are watching a movie or giving a multimedia presentation.

Also present are parental controls to block unwanted content and a PC performance suite to optimize your computers speed. Currently, this program is available online for $69.95.

Kapersky Internet Security 2010

Kapersky Internet Security 2010 has the most advanced technology for blocking, protecting, and removing viruses and other nefarious applications from your PC. It protects users from the standard spyware, virus, and pop-ups in real time using its hourly updates and automatic scans on the sites being visited.

To speed up a user’s PC it automatically adjusts its level of protection so it will not slow down a users system resources. Kapersky Internet Security 2010 also features parental controls and has browser plug-ins to protect users while surfing the internet. Currently, this program is available online for $59.95.

AVG Antivirus Free

AVG Free from Grisoft is the top rated free antivirus software on the Internet. While it does not feature the “extras” of purchased software, it comes with top of the line antivirus removal and protection and offers users regular updates and custom scans. AVG is available online at no cost and supplies basic protection.