The Negative Effects of Cell Phone Use

Cell phones seem to be mandatory devices for the modern age, giving us access to voice and data services almost everywhere we are in the world. However, there is a downside to our dependence on them. Studies have found that chronic cell phone use may have a negative impact on long-term health. The following information provides an overview of the effects of cell phone use on our lives.

Radio Frequencies & Cancer

There is a growing concern that increasing exposure to radio frequencies heightens the risk of cancer. The concern has become more pronounced as cell phones have become more common. Cell phones may place us at greater risk because they are kept on our bodies. Health advocates warn that there may be a higher prevalence of brain cancer in the coming decades due to our increased exposure to cell phone radio frequencies.

Cancer-Risk Studies

Though there is no definitive link between cell phone use and overall health problems, some studies have shown a correlation between cell phones and cancer. Several studies have suggested a possible link between exposure to cell phone radiation and an increased risk of cancer in the nerve connecting the ear to the brain. However, current research on the link between cell phones and brain tumors is inconclusive because findings vary from study to study.

Other Health Issues

Other studies have actually found links between mental health problems and cell phone use. Research has shown that chronic cell phone use may cause lowered self-esteem. Furthermore, teens that frequently use cell phones were more likely to be anxious, irritable and depressed. Increased vision problems and digital thumb -- a carpal tunnel-like syndrome -- are two strain injuries that can result from the repetitive use of cell phones.

Spreading of Germs

Cell phones also cause germs to be spread more easily because of the phone's close proximity to the mouth. Germs spread easily through the mouth through coughing, sneezing and breathing. Most cell phones are full of bacteria because they are often used in unsanitary environments.


Cell phone use causes hundred of accidents per year, many of them fatal. Research has shown that talking on cell phones greatly reduces reaction time when driving. Driving while texting is an even greater concern because texting requires drivers to look away from the road. Even momentarily looking away from the road greatly increases the risk of accident.

Helpful Tips

Despite the varying research on cell phones and their impact on our overall health, it is important to exercize caution when using a cell phone. Hands-free devices are an alternative to frequency waves, although Bluetooths will prove counterproductive.

Cell phones should be sterilized on a daily basis to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria.

Curtailing cell phone use while driving will greatly reduce the risk of accident.

Parents should limit children’s use of cell phones.