Tips & Tricks for Distribution Lists in Outlook 2007

By Quinn Collins

Microsoft Outlook software affords users instant communication with friends and colleagues with convenience and efficiency. Many of the program's users, however, are not aware of the breadth and scope of what the software can help you achieve. Distribution lists, for example, make emailing to groups of business contacts or acquaintances easy. Simple tips and tricks to set up and add to distribution lists make utilizing the software's tools even more effective.


Creating a distribution list in Microsoft Outlook 2007 can be an easy task, even for a technology novice. When you first open your Outlook 2007 software and are ready to create your list, scroll to the top and select "Tools" from the menu of options. Within that tab, select "Address Book." Within "Address Book," select the option to "Show Names from the..." and then choose "Contacts." Select "New Entry" from the listing of options and then "Select Entry Type." You will want to select "New Distribution List." From there you will want to select "Put This Entry" and then select "In the Contacts." Confirm "OK," and you are on your way to creating an email distribution list.


What if you need to add a new member to your distribution list? Adding contacts to distribution lists can be done in just a few quick steps. Once you have your Outlook 2007 program open, type the name of the Distribution List into the "Name" tab. Select "Select Members" and click any additional contact names you would like merged into your email distribution list. Do not forget to "Save & Close" the new contacts. Your contacts have now been added to the distribution list.


For those users who have already set up a distribution list in Outlook 2007 but wish to add more contacts from another email account or Excel spreadsheet, you can import those lists and merge with your existing distribution list. With Outlook open, select "Tools," and then "Address Book." Under the "Show Names from the.." list, choose the "Global Address Book" option. Select the names of the contacts and in the "Name" tab, choose the name of the distribution list you wish to add the new contacts to. Click "OK" to merge the lists.