Troubleshooting the Sony Wega

Sony Wega televisions are found in countless homes across America. Wega technology allows for a superb picture quality at an excellent price. As with any flat screen TV or home theater setup, things can easily go wrong, whether it be with picture quality or sound problems. Know how to ensure that your Wega TV is configured properly when problems arise.

Common Problems

The first step in troubleshooting your Wega is to rule out the obvious. Make sure there are fresh batteries in your remote, as a weak remote will behave erratically and give the impression of a faulty TV. Make sure your Sony TV is plugged in, and that the power source (a wall outlet or power strip) is functioning properly. For example, if your Wega is working fine one moment and suddenly shuts off, it may be a power issue. Often, this can be solved by replacing a fuse or power strip. Sometimes it is a problem with your home's electrical wiring or the TV's internal circuitry. If this is the case, call a Sony technician or your local electric company.

Audio/Video Problems

Audio and picture issues can be a headache, but they can often be traced to cables and how/where they are plugged in. Check the back of your Wega TV and ensure everything is plugged in where it should be. The rear of a large TV can be daunting to look at, so a glance at the user manual may be necessary to familiarize yourself with the technology involved.

Make sure you are using high-quality cables. Whether you have composite, S-video, component or HDMI cables, a well-made cable will last a lifetime and reduce potential interference from other electrical devices.

If your TV is hooked up to a stereo or home theater system, check with your receiver's manual to obtain the proper configuration for your setup. Ensure everything is plugged in where it should be. Make sure the speakers are properly installed with speaker cable, and that the connections to the speaker terminals are secure. Familiarizing yourself with the manual goes a long way in understanding how your system works and how to troubleshoot problems in the future.

Sony Wega TVs often come equipped with special features and adjustments for picture and sound quality. While changing these features can be fun, you may cause changes to the video that you do not like. Again, read the Wega's manual to learn how to use these features properly.

Cable TV Problems

Sometimes, the problem with the picture and sound is not the TV's fault at all. A weak cable signal is often the culprit. This causes poor picture quality, pixelization, sound "hiccuping" and random loss of picture and sound. Cable signals are weakened dramatically by cable splitters, so either remove these when not necessary or use a signal amplifier. It is best to contact your cable company and have them measure the cable signal and recommend changes to your setup.