Uniden 6.0 Program Instructions

By Mandy Slake

Many Uniden cordless base units can accept more handsets than the base unit is sold with. This allows users to purchase handsets without having to spend money on more phones than they need. The accessory handsets must be programmed to use the base station before they can make and receive calls. The programming process varies by model, but most 6.0 Uniden phones are programmed by setting them on the cradle of the base unit.

Step 1

Place the handset on the cradle in the base unit.

Step 2

Wait for the handset display to read "Handset Registering." When it changes to "Registration complete," the process is finished.

Step 3

Remove the handset from the cradle and press the "TALK/FLASH" button to see if you get a dial tone.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the handset doesn't fit in the base unit cradle, press and hold the "FIND" button on the base unit for approximately five seconds. Then hold the "#" key down on the handset until it displays "Handset Registering."
  • If the registration process fails, make sure the handset is fully charged.