Unresponsive Script Fixes in Firefox

If the error message "Warning: Unresponsive Script" pops up on your screen, it means that your Mozilla Firefox web browser thinks a web page application is essentially running amok. What is actually occurring, however, is that the browser is merely bogged down and just needs a little bit more time to recover. Most users ameliorate this condition by restarting their web browser, but this is actually unnecessary. You need only either adjust your browser settings or incorporate an add-on extension.

Wait Longer

If the browser simply needs a bit more time to process the application, you can manually modify the Firefox configuration settings. To access them, launch Firefox, type "about:config" in the address part and press enter. From here, double-click "dom.max_script_run_time" and adjust its value to a higher number, e.g., 20 or 30. Avoid going beyond 30, as it could actually make the situation worse.

Block Script

You can also block scripts from running on the particular website that causes you problems. Accomplish this by installing the YesScript extension. You can do this by launching Firefox, opening the "Tools" menu, selecting "Add-Ons," searching for YesScript and installing it via the "Install" button. Once you have it up and running, access it from the "Add-Ons" box, and when prompted for a URL, type in the address of the webpage or website you need to block.

Remove Add-Ons

Sometimes, unresponsive scripts occur as a result of incompatible add-ons. To diagnose whether this is occurring on your web browser, launch Firefox, open the "Help" menu and click "Restart With Add-Ons Disabled." After your Firefox web browser restarts, attempt to access the page that was causing you problems. If the unresponsive script warning disappears, then turn each add-on back on, one at a time, until the error occurs. This will allow you to identify exactly which add-on is malfunctioning and you can disable it.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Some graphics cards have difficulty handling Firefox's hardware acceleration. This feature of the browser interacts with your graphics card in an attempt to improve graphical performance, as well as the aesthetics of each website's fonts. To alleviate this condition, launch Firefox, open the "Tools" menu, select "Options" and un-check the box next to "Use Hardware Acceleration When Possible." Follow this by restarting your browser.