Voltaic Cell Uses

Voltaic cells are the basis for the batteries that help make our modern society possible. They work by using a chemical reaction to create an electric current. The current runs through an external circuit to power our devices. The devices powered include many rechargeable electronics. The cells are also used in solar energy developments as well as with hybrid and electric cars.

Cordless phone batteries are powered by electrochemical batteries like voltaic cells.

Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries power a great deal of the electronics we use today, including cordless phones, cell phones and laptop computers. Voltaic cells, as well as various other electrolytic cells, are used in these rechargeable batteries. They are used for their ability to provide a reliable state of charge to maintain performance and reliability of the battery.

Solar cells

The renewable resource industry--like solar energy--uses voltaic sources. They place cells on solar panels to harness, store and channel the energy of the sun into the energy grid. The cells hold the potential to lower energy costs in the long run while providing a source of energy that does not deplete the Earth's fossil fuels.


Voltaic cells are used in electric cars. However, the cells have the drawbacks of high costs while providing a limited range for the vehicle. However, the cells are combined with the the traditional internal combustion engine in hybrid vehicles. These vehicles can reduce the reliance on fossil fuels by dividing the energy used between the combustion engine and the voltaic cells.


Voltaic cells are also being used in antennas. In this application, the cells still can generate electric currents and receive and transmit electromagnetic waves. The use of the voltaic cells in antennas makes wireless communication between the devices possible because they require electric energy for their operation.