Ways to Use Microsoft PowerPoint for Schedules & Calendars

Microsoft PowerPoint is a software application packaged with Microsoft Office Suite, but it can be purchased separately. PowerPoint enables users to create presentations, where each page is called a slide. Individual slides can be formatted with text or graphics only or take the form of a calendar, schedule, certificate, diagram or any combination of these.

You can create calendars and schedules easily using MS PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint contains many easy-to-use design templates that allow the user to create presentations, calendars and schedules. The templates provided with PowerPoint have pre-placed text and graphic boxes to lend a balanced appearance. After opening the application and choosing to create a new PowerPoint document, the user will see a list of templates on the left pane. Under the “Microsoft Office Online” area, there are template headings for “Calendars” and “Schedules,” among others. If users want more selections, they can also visit Microsoft online to download more templates.


The calendar templates in PowerPoint 2007 include calendars from 2007 to 2010, academic calendars and even an Advent calendar. The user can start from scratch using a blank presentation to manually create a calendar, but using a template is much easier. Within each template are different color and font themes and different calendars starting with either Sundays or Mondays. Once you have selected a template, you can customize it by changing color and font themes and adding text and graphics.

Personal calendars created in PowerPoint can be used to incorporate birthdays, social gatherings and appointments. They can be customized from month-to-month and printed as “current page only” for month-by-month printing or in their entirety as a wall calendar.

For business use, PowerPoint calendars may be developed for specific type of events and audiences. A calendar may be created to note dates and times of internal company events and another for external events. Both can be posted on the company’s intranet or electronically distributed. Another calendar can be used to mark important human resources dates such as pay days, benefit enrollment dates and staff training. Individuals may wish to keep monthly calendars of their appointments or have their assistants set up and maintain printable calendars.


PowerPoint can also be used to develop timelines and event schedules. Timelines are often used in presentations to show the progression and status of a project or program. The built-in templates include 12-month, 6-month and 3-month timelines. The event schedule template is a day-by-day snapshot listing of events and can be customized to show weekly, monthly or yearly events. You can modify each template by changing the text and adding text to further detail the schedule. As with the calendar templates, the color and font theme can be modified.

Project managers may use PowerPoint timelines to create status reports that can be inserted into larger PowerPoint presentations. This gives the schedule a professional and uniform appearance that matches the entire slide presentation. Timelines can also be used in sales presentations to show the length of time to implement business and show a sample progression of sales by date.

For event planners, the PowerPoint event schedule is useful to outline timetables and details about each happening on the schedule. The presentation can provide an at-a-glance view of the event. Brides can use this schedule to organize the timing of each detail of their big day.